Chris Gray & Claudia BarbaKnowledgeable, professional and kind.

I am so glad we found this law office! Chris Gray and her colleagues are knowledgeable, professional and kind. My mom and I needed legal advice and Chris explained all of our options with patience and a sense of humor. What a delightful experience!

– Bonnie

In a very short time my will and living trust were prepared.

I would recommend Claudia Barba and her team to anyone who needs legal services. Claudia was very attentive to me as I explained my need for a living trust and will. She asked all the necessary questions to understand my case needs. Claudia then explained the California law and proceed to explain how we should proceed. I agreed and gave Claudia the necessary documents and she and her team began working for my situation. In a very short time my will and living trust were prepared, we signed them and I was satisfied and very pleased. I would recommend Claudia and her team to anyone who needs this kind of legal services.

– Joe

We want to thank you so much for such a positive experience in working with all of you.

It was amazing! We felt that you accommodated us so well, your guidance and recommendations were excellent, and that all of our family trust needs were met. Chris and Claudia, you both work so well together, and Kristin, you are such a highly performing paralegal.

We certainly will want to recommend you to anyone that has similar needs, and look forward to a continuing friendship.

Thank you, again, and God Bless!

– Steve and Shirley

Terms We Could Understand.

Dear Chris, Thank you for your help in the making and organizing of our trust. Also, thank you for the recent help in updating our Advance Health Care Directives. As usual, you were most helpful, and explained things to us in terms we could understand. You were always prompt in returning our calls and answering our questions. We feel confident about the decisions we made with your help.


– Richard and Bernie

Excellent, Competent and Caring Service.

Claudia was a consummate professional but also has a very personal and compassionate style. She helped us figure out what was best for us and has kept the door open for communication and any future adjustments. We highly recommend her.

– Marc

Wasn’t Sure I Could Afford an Attorney.

Late last year my soul mate passed away. Through my entire life I have never required an attorney. To be quite frank I wasn’t sure if I needed one in this instance or if I could afford one. I not only found out, yes!! I needed one, but that I could not have afforded to not have her to guide me through the many things I didn’t understand. She fought for me, counselled me and never steered me wrong. She got me the best possible outcome and I highly recommend her. More importantly, I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again if necessary.


– Nancy

Claudia Barba - On the Radio

Claudia as a guest speaker on Radio Formula AM 1400.

Regalo Completo!! 5 Stars

Soy la Sra Elsa; agradezco mucho a la abogada Claudia Barba, por ayudarme en el proceso de hacer un testamento; yo no sabia que es un paquete de 4 documentos con los cuales estamos dejando a nuestra familia protegida y con menos preocupaciones a la hora de nuestra partida; tal vez algunas personas creen que no es necesario, pero les digo que la abogada Barba se tomo su tiempo y me explico paso a paso y con mucha calma todo el proceso, y asi terminamos todos los documentos que son requeridos. Ahora estoy mucho mas tranquila, se que mis seres queridos lo estaran tambien al contar con una persona muy profesional como ella; ¡El tener estos documentos son un regalo completo para mi familia!! Gracias abogada Claudia por su apoyo, y no duden en contactarse con ella.

– Elsa

Family planning made easy.

I worked with Chris Gray and her team to create a living trust for my family. She and Claudia made the whole process so easy. We have a single concise pre-meeting to create an outline of how we were going to include in the trust, a quick follow up meeting to review the draft, and a final meeting to sign the final docs. That’s it! Chris and her team made the process so easy. I would highly recommend The Law Office of Chris Gray to anyone!

– Omid

Accessible, thorough, and caring.

I feel so fortunate that we found Claudia Barba! Years ago, my parents fell for a large company that solicited elders. It was not a good experience, and they never finished the trust. My husband found Claudia through her online reviews. He chatted with her first by phone and was very impressed. The experience we had with her was so different. I was glad we filled out all the financial information. It helped me find a benefit I wasn’t aware of and made me get everything organized in one place. Claudia took her time in interviewing my mom about her wishes. When it came time to sign the documents, she came to our house and sat outside with a mask on to make it easier for my mom. This was much appreciated. Everything has gone smoothly so far. I am confident that if we need help, we will get a quick response. I highly recommend Claudia Barba!

– Melinda

Complimentary Legal Consultation.

I am writing on behalf of my mother (83 years old), who recently met with you through the Camarillo Health Care District for a complimentary legal consultation. She was so pleased to have the opportunity to review her current legal documents and have her questions and concerns addressed by a local, qualified estate attorney. We both feel so thankful that you offer this valuable service to seniors. She expressed to me how easy it was to talk to you, and that you were very generous with your time and willingness to look over her paperwork and answer her questions. She walked away having a much better understanding of what she has in place, and peace of mind of knowing that her wishes will be met. She wanted to express her thanks and recommend your services to other elderly individuals in the community as well as their families. We both feel confident that we will continue to retain your services in the future as needed.

– Lucy

Trusted and Honest Professional.

When asked if I knew of a trust attorney, I knew of only one person who I could without a doubt recommend . . . Claudia is a trusted and honest professional who has earned my recommendation by continually educating those around her on the pitfalls of not being prepared. She has a very gentle side to her, which I believe is only one of the reasons why she is so successful. This is not to say she is not effective, on the contrary, her gentle nature is what I believe allows her to deliver some uncomfortable information and helps make difficult decisions that her clients could feel good about making.

– Rosandra

You want to hire someone with the experience and compassion to do what is best for you.

I recommend her highly. I am proud to say I’m ninety years old and am still very active and independent. However, something happened to me that I share now to help others. I wanted to make a will and went to a local attorney who drew one up for me but I wasn’t happy with the results. The attorney insisted it be written a certain way. I didn’t know how to get him to do what I wanted, nor was I sure I had options other than what he, the lawyer, was telling me.

After it was done it just kept bugging me so I signed up for free consultation with a volunteer attorney at the Camarillo Health Care District Center. I was told I would be meeting with a Chris Gray. I assumed Chris Gray was a man and was surprised to be greeted by Ms. Gray. Our meeting went very well and she assured me I could easily fix my will so that it would be in accord with my wishes. She also explained why I needed an advance health care directive and power of attorney so that someone would have the authority to take care of me if I was ever incapacitated. A will only applies after death. This was an important point my prior attorney never mentioned. I was very happy with Chris Gray’s advice and decided to hire her to prepare these documents for me the following week.

A few days later I was chatting with a close friend and her boyfriend. I told them my story of this new attorney who surprised me by being a woman. Amazingly, when I mentioned the name Chris Gray, my friend’s boyfriend said Chris Gray was his attorney too and he recommended her highly. It was nice to have someone else with my best interest at heart confirm what I felt about this new attorney, particularly after my experience with the other attorney.

You want to hire someone with the experience and compassion to do what is best for you regarding these very important matters. Not all attorneys do and it is best to ask around before you hire one. I have since completed my documents at Ms. Gray’s office and I recommend her highly.

– Yolanda

Exemplary Service with Admirable Counseling.

Attorney Barba is commendable in her knowledge of Estate Planning, Probate. She counseled us thoroughly with patience and understandings of our needs and wants. My husband and I were very pleased with her professionalism and her Bilingual-Spanish proficiency. She made our Estate Planning Simple and Perfect!

– Margaret

Referred To Me Ten Years Ago.

Chris came highly referred to me ten years ago when I was in need to establish a complicated family trust.I had specific ideas and desires as to how to divide my estate. Chris patiently and professionally guided and counseled me and I was able to accomplish my goals.
I have always found her to be upfront,fair and honest. Over the years I’ve had several issues when I’ve needed her advice and I’m always impressed with her promptness in responding. I continue to feel that Chris gives me good sound legal advice and that I’m in good hands with her and her staff.

– Susan

My Guardian Angel.

Thank you so much, Claudia, for everything you did for me. You are truly my guardian angel! There are no words to say how much I appreciate your help. I never dreamed you would take such steps to help me and God answered my prayers through you. . . . I will definitely let everyone I know who needs your help learn about you– and have begun already.
Sending all my best for your continued success.

– Linda

Outstanding advice and prompt service

Chris provided outstanding advice and prompt service regarding my mother’s conservatorship. I would highly recommend her.

– Grant

A rare combination of outstanding interpersonal skills and a deep knowledge of her areas of expertise.

Claudia was recommended to us by a friend and she far exceeded his recommendations. We had talked with a couple of other lawyers about our need for estate planning before we found Claudia and they were both rather impersonal and only seemed interested in offering us pro forma services for what seemed to us like extravagant costs. Totally, unlike these two lawyers, Claudia took the time to meet with us face-to-face both to understand the requirements of our particular circumstances and to provide us with clear explanations of California laws and how they impact us and our estate planning. She immediately engendered a sense of trust on our part, not only regarding her expertise, but also regarding her genuine interest and understanding of estate planning requirements as they pertained to our specific set of circumstances. Throughout the entire process of developing our estate planning documents she was very generous with her time in making sure we had a clear understanding of the particulars as well as the options we had. We do not have a broad experience in working with lawyers, but in our estimation, she possesses a rare combination of outstanding interpersonal skills and a deep knowledge of her areas of expertise! As a gay couple, we also greatly appreciated her sensitivities to the particulars of our situation. We would highly recommend her without any reservations. We are confident that you will be as pleased as we are with her services to say nothing of her very reasonable rates!

– Kenneth

Easy to communicate with and very helpful

I found Chris in AVVO.COM and phoned her with questions about my 85 year old mom’s estate. She provided substantive information on the phone, was easy to communicate with, and overall was very helpful. When I offered to pay her for the information she refused and said it was within the 30 free minutes she offers (which I didn’t even know about). I now plan to follow up and use her as my mom’s estate attorney.

– Norm

A gift and a blessing.

Dear Claudia, I wanted to thank you for all your help in getting our Trust set up. Your expertise is a gift and a blessing. Thank you for your careful attention to detail, for your caring follow-up, and for your friendship in Christ.

– Debi & Tom

Chris Gray is an amazing lawyer!

Chris Gray is an amazing lawyer. She had been hired by my father for his trust administration and has worked with me thru the horrific last six years. She guided me, advised me, and helped me to remain calm with an infuriating family member threatening law suit time and time again. I endorse her style, her office, and her knowledge. You want smart and tough, you want Chris Gray to represent you in life, and after you are gone for your loved ones!!

– Chris

Honest, knowledgeable and client focused!

I was so glad that a close friend recommended Mrs. Barba to update our outdated Trust. She is very honest and explains all the charges up front. She has a wonderful grasp of the law and made it really simple for us to make our Trust current again. She cares about her clients so it’s truly my pleasure to recommend her to others!!!!

– Maria

An outstanding attorney with an exceptional reputation

I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Gray is an outstanding attorney with an exceptional reputation. She is a strong and zealous advocate for her clients and true credit to the legal profession. I highly recommend her legal services.

– Mary

A knack for getting right to the heart of what her client needs

Chris Gray is a fantastic choice for any of your estate planning and conservatorship needs. I’ve noticed she has a knack for getting right to the heart of what her clients want (or need) – and a unique ability to describe things in ‘plain English’ rather than complicating matters with daunting legal jargon. Chris is incredibly patient and, in my experience, has proven she can be a great calming influence for clients if they ever find themselves grappling with uncomfortable or stressful intra-family dynamics during the course of their representation. Simply put, I highly recommend Chris…. In fact, I’ve even recommended her services to some of my own family members.

– Kevin

Calming, honest and very knowledgeable

I had the pleasure of meeting Attorney Chris Gray at a luncheon where she spoke on Trusts and the importance of updating them periodically. Yes, most eyes will glaze over at the mention of a Trust let alone updating it periodically! The majority of us have one or think the Will is coverage enough. Listening to Chris’s approach to the subject was a real eye opener and left much food for thought! I walked away from the luncheon knowing that I needed to “take that second look”. “Knowing” and “doing” are two different things. The “knowing” and “doing” ended up on the back burner. Then the day came….my husband was in the ER and then in ICU…the prognosis…not good. No, we hadn’t made final preparations. No, I really wasn’t sure if he wanted to be on life support and what does this mean exactly. No, I didn’t have a power of attorney to make decisions on my own and needed to get my son ASAP. I needed guidance NOW…Chris Gray’s talk came to my mind. I called. She was calming, honest and very knowledgeable. We got thru all the essentials: Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive. Chris has common sense and says it like it is. I highly recommend Chris!

– Sharon

Trustworthy and Knowledgeable Attorney!

Chris Gray has represented my family for over three years. I was faced with having to set up a trust, power of attorney, directive health care and start managing my elderly parents affairs. I could not have done this without her expertise, guidance and knowledge. She has a great way of explaining things to a laymen like myself; clearly laying out the plan of action and necessary next steps for me. I trust Chris Gray with all of our families legal affairs and she has proven to be a great lawyer and indispensable to our needs. She will continue to be our family attorney and I would strongly recommend her.

– Karen

Chris is an exceptional attorney!

Chris accepted representation of me over the phone 3,000 miles away in what can only be described as a probate court mine field. I was forced by circumstances to hire a local attorney and to hire one immediately. Other attorneys I interviewed either wanted nothing to do with my case, or wanted an exorbitant retainer. I found Chris on-line and was immediately impressed by her credentials and by the testimonials of previous clients. That was enough for me to inquire further. Chris’s representation of me was zealous advocacy at its best with a hint of common sense and wisdom. She was able to plow through the legal issues, and effectively deal on my behalf with the family dynamics. Chris is one the best attorneys I know: smart, knowledgeable, and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of representation in a California probate or trust matter.

– Mariah

One Smart Lawyer!!

I have used Chris for three issues. Two different trusts and a probate case. She is smart and well informed. She has always been able to answer my questions in a professional and friendly manner. I know there will be other estate issues coming up for me to handle and I know that Chris is the first person I will call for help. She has been very accommodating to the needs of my elderly mother. I am sure that Chris will be able to help you and you will be happy with your choice.

– Robin

Thoroughly professional

Chris Gray has represented my family for nearly seven years defending a long-standing trust instrument and the best interests of an elderly trustor. Ms. Gray’s extensive litigation experience and exhaustive knowledge of estate issues speak for themselves. It was her commitment to us that made the difference protecting the rights and resources of a vulnerable person. I am grateful and indebted to Ms. Gray for her guidance, dedication and relentless defense of our family.

– Ted

It is very hard to lose family.

I lost my mother-in-law, whom was the other half of my children. I had to see her through her end of life stages of an unexpected brain aneurysm . . . saddest day of my life. Things turned to the worst with her estate arrangements made 20 years ago, family left us in the dark so not only have I been grieving for the loss of my Mom, I am now dealing with issues nobody wants. I made a promise to her and intend on keeping it. Being in the dark for months, worried, confused, trying to get through each day, Claudia Barba called me and in the next day from speaking to me she had answers. I can’t express my gratitude to her and her colleague enough because I have a little peace in my heart knowing I am in the right direction to carry out my mother’s wishes. Forever grateful and would recommend her to anybody that has a legal issue, she is prompt, very detailed in explanation and patient if you don’t understand and need more clarity to the subject at hand. If my case was in Southern California I would definitely retain this firm. Thank you Claudia

– Marnie

Great attorney

Chris is caring and personable. I felt comfortable in all my dealings with her.

– Nan

One word: Ethical

If I could only use one to word to describe Ms Gray it would have to be “ethical”. Throughout the past three years she has been completely professional, helpful, encouraging through the difficulties of this situation and most of all , very knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to this situation.

– Janice

Professional, compassion, and finesse.

I work in the Senior Services field and I recently referred a friend to Claudia Barba to help her parents get their legal affairs in order. It was a sticky situation because emotions ran high as her parents are dealing with the frustration over the loss of control that often accompanies aging. My friend could not say enough good things about how Claudia diffused the situation and handled everyone with professionalism, compassion, and finesse! Claudia not only has the expertise but the right personality to work with elders and their families.

– Bernadette

I highly recommend her expertise.  She’s the best!

I’ve known Chris for 10 years and she was very helpful when I needed to get my Power of Attorney and Will written. Chris also helped me when I had to have my aging parent legal work taken care of. Recently I needed advice on a possible Probate issue and Chris was very helpful in walking me through the legal debris! I highly recommend her expertise. She’s the best!!

– Ben

Impressed with her professionalism and warm manner.

I recently consulted with Ms. Barba on drafting a living will for my elderly father. She was very thorough and clearly explained the process and details. I was impressed with her professional, warm manner, and she will be the perfect person the guide my father with patience and compassion. I feel she is trustworthy and knowledgeable and highly recommend her.

– Cynthia

5 Stars

Chris Gray was very helpful. She is a talented and knowledgeable attorney. She assisted me in a family estate matter.

– Wesley

Chris Gray with a favorite client.